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Hot Band Girls Hot Band Girls, Interview with Salt Ashes
Interview with Salt Ashes

by Lauren Cirkot

-You have just started out in the music scene as Salt Ashes, what is the m
essage you want to convey to the world as an artist? 
Right now, I am just sharing pieces of my mind and heart little by little for listeners to take what they want from it. If my music brings any kind of strong emotion out in somebody then I am always winning. 
-Did you face any challenges when writing your latest single, “Somebody”? 
This was actually one of those ones that came out in an evening…. I did some fine tuning later but the best part of it flew out of me pretty quickly. This definitely doesn’t happen all the time though, that would be a dream. Usually my best writing happens fast for some reason which is annoying when you’ve spent ages pouring blood and tears into a song and then it’s not good at all.
-How did you come up with the concept behind your video to “Somebody”? 
I always had the idea of two bare bodies up close and personal, expressing their angst, passion and hate all at the same time. That’s essentially the essence of the song; Strong, erratic feelings. …  I wanted to portray intensity and there’s nothing better than stripping everything down to its purity and getting intense. 
-Who would you say are your biggest female musical influences? 
Madonna, M.I.A, Kate Bush
-What are some challenges and advantages that you have experienced as a 
female artist? 
It is still a man’s world and sometimes I have to scream to be heard. But I’m a good screamer and it’s good to be representing women doing what they want to do when they want to do it.  
-What can we expect from you in the future?
More music, more tears, more hoods and more live performances.
Check out Salt Ashes here: